Campaña patata nueva de Patatas Meléndez

Patatas Meléndez kicks off the New Potato season in Andalusia and Murcia

Patatas Meléndez, a company from Valladolid, leader in its sector with a 20% market share, has started the season for the uprooting of this tuber in the provinces of Andalusia and Murcia.

Faced with a market, not only nationally but also internationally, with a high demand for new potatoes, the company from Castile and Leon is forecasting good prospects for this harvest. Thus, according to Patatas Meléndez forecasts, they are estimating purchases in excess of 35,000 tonnes in the regions of Andalusia and Murcia.

In this way, and thanks to its Agrarian Plan and agreements with local farmers, the company manages to ensure the profitability of producers. In this way, they have worked out a weekly planning that will help to balance the production per week for the different distribution channels.

Likewise, this start of the season has a direct and indirect impact on job creation in the harvesting regions. Production areas in which they also have the support of the technical team of Patatas Meléndez, which is carrying out the relevant sampling and tests to guarantee the quality of the product.

In the words of Juan Manuel Coello, Operations Manager of Patatas Meléndez: “We have very good feelings about this season. The reduction in the area of potato planted as well as the weather posed a challenge. But we have worked very hard alongside our growers to reach the shelves on time and offer consumers the best raw material”.

Once again this year, Patatas Meléndez has planned the weeks and varieties in order to work in an orderly manner, providing security for all the growers who collaborate with the company and guaranteeing the best product for the consumer. The next steps for Patatas Meléndez, after finishing the campaign in Andalusia and Murcia, are to move forward with the harvest in Castile-La Mancha and finish in Castile and Leon to bring the season to a close.

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