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We care about the land.

We see the product as a success.

We focus on what is socially important.

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bizcocho de patata con pasas y almendras
Potato sponge cake with sultanas and almonds
Hummus de boniato
Sweet potato hummus
Lasaña de patata roja con carne
Red potato lasagne with meat

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Meléndez for sustainability

We seek to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices.

We focus on people, where diversity is celebrated and the wellbeing of our colleagues is a priority.

We maintain a transparent and ethical commitment at every step of our process.


November 23, 2023
November 14, 2023
May 5, 2023
March 30, 2023

Are you interested in importing our potatoes?

We specialise in the commercialisation of fresh potatoes from the main producing areas in Spain. From direct sales in the field to supply from our own facilities, we ensure the delivery of carefully selected, calibrated, and brushed potatoes.


How can I register on your website?

You can register when you make your purchase online. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive a 20% voucher on your first purchase.

Do you have cash on delivery?

We do not offer cash on delivery.

Are you having problems making a purchase through the website?

Write to us at

Once we receive it, we will forward it to the corresponding department and you will receive a reply shortly. Thank you for trusting Patatas Meléndez.

Person interested in working in our company

 You can send your CV to the following address in case now or in the future there is a vacancy that fits your profile. Good luck!

Do you have a specific question about product quality?

Write to us at

Once received, our quality team will contact you to give you a solution. Thank you for trusting Patatas Meléndez.

What does it mean that it says CONSERVATION POTATO on the label?

The potato has been kept for a period of time in cold storage at an average temperature of between five and seven degrees maintaining a good culinary quality.

What is the best potato for baking?

The important thing here is that the potato is soft but compact, without falling apart when cut. For this we recommend, if possible, varieties such as Spunta, Red Pontiac, Kennebec, Monalisa.

Which is the best potato for frying?

The best variety for frying is the Agria.

Do you deliver to my home?

Yes, you can buy from our online shop and we will send it to your home.

What are the shipping costs and is there a minimum purchase?

The costs are included in the price and there is no minimum purchase.

How long does home delivery take?

Deliveries take approximately 48 hours to arrive.

Do you ship to the Canary Islands?

Currently we do not ship to the Canary Islands.

Do you ship to the Balearic Islands?

Yes, we do ship to the Balearic Islands.

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