Continuous improvement to guarantee maximum quality.

The fundamental axis of our activity is to offer a product of the highest quality and freshness, adapting production to the current demands of consumers and using 4.0 technology throughout the production process.

We supervise physical, chemical and organoleptic parameters, carrying out more than 300,000 annual controls. Our team of more than 20 people contribute all their knowledge to ensure that the product complies with the specifications of our customers.

International certifications


GLOBALG.A.P. is the most widespread international standard for agricultural production, aiming at safe and sustainable production for the benefit of producers, retailers and consumers.

GRASP Reference

Good Agricultural Practices not only apply to products, but also to People and Values. The GRASP Referential module puts the focus on social practices related to workers (health, safety and general welfare).

IFS (International Food Standard)

These are international standards, based on accreditation criteria based on the EN 45011 product certification standard, focused on food, products and services, drawn up by the main European food chains for the management of food safety for their suppliers.

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