Patatas Meléndez y Fundación Khanimambo

Patatas Meléndez and Khanimambo Foundation collaborate to promote a more dignified childhood for children in Mozambique

Patatas Meléndez, a company from Valladolid with a 20% market share in the fresh potato sector, is fully committed to sport and society and wanted to be an active part of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon. The company went one step further and, as well as sponsoring this great sporting event, it proposed to donate the equivalent of 1 kilo of potatoes for every runner who crossed the finish line to the

Khanimambo Foundation. This foundation works with the aim of ensuring that all the children it serves can have a dignified childhood that will allow them to build a future for themselves and break out of the cycle of poverty. Meléndez has already handed over the donation.

Of the 30,000 registered runners, 24,200 took part in this sporting day of reference, and 21,813 people managed to reach the finish line. According to these figures, the donation of Patatas Meléndez exceeds the economic equivalent of more than 20 tonnes of potatoes. The work of the Khanimambo Foundation is essential in Mozambique, a country where infant mortality affects 76 children out of every 1,000, and life expectancy i s only 49.9 years.

On 11 January, Patatas Meléndez met with the Khanimambo Foundation to make a symbolic handover of the donation they have already made. In the words of Javier Meléndez, CEO of Patatas Meléndez: “Participating in projects that go beyond business is what makes the difference. As a company, we have the opportunity to inspire change and I can think of no better way to do this than by example. Working with the Khanimambo Foundation has been a unique experience and I look forward to many more opportunities in the future.”

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