Martín Berasategui and Patatas Meléndez join forces to boost the potato category in Spanish cuisine

Martín Berasategui, one of the best chefs in the world with twelve Michelin stars, and Patatas Meléndez, a leading company in its sector, are joining forces to raise the status of the potato in Spanish gastronomy.

Through this agreement, the company from Valladolid and the renowned chef seek to highlight the importance of this product and its contribution to the food sector, promoting knowledge and the possibilities that the potato can offer both nutritionally and gastronomically.

It is one of the most consumed foods in our country, amounting to around 23.7 kg per person per year, according to data from Fepex; and a basic element in the diet, being rich in nutrients, proteins and vitamins that are so necessary in our diet. Furthermore, the multitude of varieties and their versatility and adaptability make the potato a culinary star.

“Working with a professional of Berasategui’s calibre is very important and gratifying for us. From now on, we are looking to jointly build a common path to show our society the great value of this product for our food, but adding a great culinary value from the chef’s hand” said Javier Meléndez, CEO of Patatas Meléndez.

In the words of Martín Berasategui, “Now is the time to show people the relevance and potential of this food that is so essential in our daily lives. Given my position in the world of gastronomy, it is a pleasure to have the confidence of Patatas Meléndez to champion all the benefits of this product in society”.

Thus, this collaboration brings together the knowledge of two great experts in the field: Patatas Meléndez in terms of production and distribution, and Berasategui in terms of exploiting the product in gastronomy. Through this alliance, actions will be carried out to raise awareness of this foodstuff, seeking a positive impact both for the potato category and for society in general.

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