Patatas Meléndez

Patatas Meléndez makes the leap to France through an agreement with Pom’ Alliance

The leading Spanish company in its sector, Patatas Meléndez, has signed an agreement with Pom’ Alliance to enter the French market. Thus, both companies will join forces through this alliance.

This collaboration between leading companies in neighbouring countries will allow Patatas Meléndez to gain bargaining power in EU markets, as well as to develop global strategies that will increase its international market share.

The agreement with Pom’ Alliance, leader in the potato sector in France, is a key step for the Spanish company Meléndez, which will soon be joined by further international leaps. With this, Patatas Meléndez is taking a firm foothold in Spain and is gaining momentum to continue on its path as a leader in its sector in Europe.

In the words of Javier Meléndez, CEO of Patatas Meléndez: “Our company, true to its philosophy and its aim to offer quality produce all year round, is making its international capacity and ambition clear through this commercial leap into a key European country. We are grateful for the confidence shown in us by Pom’ Alliance; hand in hand with them and by establishing the planned synergies, we will achieve great success”.

Marc Morellato, CEO of Pom’ Alliance added: “This alliance is part of Pom’ Alliance’s internationalisation strategy. Beyond the projects, there are the people, the philosophy and the culture of the company. In this sense, this partnership unites the values of both companies and we are fortunate to share the same vision of the sector and its development”.

Thus, Patatas Meléndez’s globalisation strategy continues to develop along the general lines that mark its operations in our country. The company, which already has a market share of 20% in Spain, works with more than 500 growers and distributes around 180,000 tonnes of potato every year thanks to the efforts of its 370 direct employees and 12,000 indirect workers.

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