Fair prices to farmers and reduction of the water footprint, in the Ethical Code of Patatas Meléndez

socio-economic model with the approval of a Code of Ethics which includes the following guidelines

standards, principles and values that we voluntarily assume in the performance of our activity and in our relationship with suppliers, customers and end consumers.

As our CEO, Javier Meléndez, points out in the article in El Economista, “it is a matter of expressing and officially recording the set of values and principles that we already have in practice and that are present in our day-to-day way of acting. Having a Code of Ethics means that we intend to promote actions at all levels that will enable us to comply strictly with the law, adopting all the necessary mechanisms”.

If you want to know more about this Code of Ethics and our commitment to a sustainable model, we invite you to read the full article here Share this news

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