New potato: a local seasonal food with multiple advantages, now available in supermarkets from Patatas Meléndez.

At Patatas Meléndez we are delighted to announce that we are making the new national potato available to all consumers. We are doing so through our usual distribution channels, and also so that you can purchase them conveniently from our online shop. This way, we are ahead with the early potato, in this year of a good harvest due to the April rains, which have led to an increase in production and a great quality.

The new potato is synonymous with the potato in its maximum splendour and expression. Although it is a food of the land that is present all year round with great quality, this is its peak and when it is in season. They are highly appreciated for their optimum organoleptic qualities: flavour, texture, visual appearance… It is an intact potato, a fresh product that arrives directly from the field to the table, without intermediate storage.

Early potatoes have a light, very thin and smooth skin. They are compact and smooth. The inside of the potato is light and uniform in colour. Their flavour is mild and with a slight natural sweetness. The Meléndez potato is a new potato that carries the implicit values of sustainability and proximity, whose work involves more than 500 of our farmers, and R+D+i processes for the revitalisation of the agricultural fabric.

The new potatoes we are marketing now come from the Region of Murcia and Andalusia, and those that will be marketed in July, August, September and October will come from Castile and Leon, the autonomous community from which Patatas Meléndez as a company originates.

Quality, lifestyle and culinary uses

The new potato is a food in line with a healthy lifestyle. As a source of vitamins and minerals, what is most important when it comes to introducing potatoes into the regular diet is the way they are cooked. As for the type of consumption, the key lies in a varied diet and in knowing how to complement the intake of potatoes with the right foods.

Due to its exceptional organoleptic qualities, the new potato is ideal for boiling, steaming or frying, achieving great results in taste, smell and touch prepared in Russian salad, recipes that include steamed potatoes, in the form of potato omelette, or prepared fried.


New potatoes must be kept in a cool, dry and dark place. It is not advisable to store them in the refrigerator, as they develop a certain sweet taste because the cold transforms the starch into sugar. If the new potato sprouts, it is a good sign: this is a natural process of a living, breathing being. In fact, it is best to avoid subjecting them to natural light and humidity precisely so that they do not progress in their germination.

All guarantees and precautions by Covid-19

The harvesting and distribution of new potatoes by Patatas Meléndez is being carried out with the maximum precautions and safety guarantees with regard to Covid-19.

Our workers, collaborators, transporters and other personnel have taken extreme safety measures in the field, as has been the case in the factory since the beginning of the health crisis. Safety distances, PPE, masks, gloves, adaptation of transport operators, and adaptation of the entire product value chain to the new situation, are initiatives already integrated into the modus operandi of our company.

In the words of Javier Meléndez, CEO of Patatas Meléndez, “the new potato is food at its best. A seasonal, national, rich, quality product, a source of nutrients, with a price within the reach of all budgets, and the perfect ally for any occasion. Now is the time to take advantage of this local food, which at Patatas Meléndez we work hand in hand with more than 500 farmers, and which forms part of a healthy lifestyle within a varied diet. The new potato is conveniently and easily available in supermarkets throughout Spain and in our online shop“.

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