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We continue with our donation plan for the fight against COVID-19 and deliver 50.000 Kilos of potatoes for the Red Cross of Castilla y León

We continue with our action plan and donations for the fight against COVID-19. Thus, in coordination with the Red Cross of Castilla y León, we are now donating 50,000 kg of potatoes, which the humanitarian institution will distribute to those people who need them most throughout the province of Valladolid.

Rosa Urbón Izquierdo, provincial president of the Spanish Red Cross in Valladolid is grateful for “the significant donation from Patatas Meléndez which complements the food distribution we are carrying out to people who are at risk of social exclusion and who are currently living in a situation of greater vulnerability”.

Javier Meléndez, CEO of the company, has sent a communication to the regional president of the Red Cross, José Varela Rodríguez, in which he states that “I am convinced that the Red Cross will provide potatoes to all those who, in these circumstances, need basic products to cover one of the most basic daily activities, such as food. At Patatas Meléndez we wanted to do our bit in this situation we are experiencing and contribute to alleviating the effects that this crisis is having on the wellbeing of the people of our country. We have developed a donation campaign, which we have mainly carried out in Madrid through the Madrid City Council and the Food Bank, as well as through the Community of Madrid with our presence at the IFEMA exhibition centre with a free feeding point for volunteers and health workers who carry out their work in the field hospital that has been set up there. I firmly believe that the work that we can carry out at this time from all areas of society will allow us to overcome the difficulties that arise and, above all and fundamentally, to help all those who are weakest and most vulnerable in a situation like this, so difficult and extremely serious”.

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