Arranque de patata de verdete de Patatas Meléndez

Quality new potatoes in season

The aim of Patatas Meléndez has always been and will always be to offer a fresh potato with an exquisite flavour and texture to our consumers 365 days a year. For the company, quality is a non-negotiable requirement and, for this reason, for more than 5 years we have had a double harvest system in place to be able to offer a new potato throughout the year that maintains its organoleptic characteristics intact. This system consists of growing potatoes during the winter months in the warmer areas of southern Spain, such as Murcia and Andalusia, to complement the spring-summer harvest that is carried out in these same southern regions and in other areas such as Castile and Leon and Castile-La Mancha.

Just over a month ago, at the end of December, we started to harvest the “verdete” potato in Andalusia and in the Murcia region, with very good yields, and the varieties we harvested included Soprano, Agria, Memphis and Colomba. This winter potato is known as the “patata de verdete” or, in other words, the new potato for these months of the year. Thanks to this way of working that we have in Patatas Meléndez, our consumers can enjoy a fresh potato whenever they want, as if they had the vegetable garden next to their kitchen.

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