We continue with our donation plan for the fight against COVID-19 we provide masks, gowns and gloves to old people’s homes in Valladolid.

We are continuing our action plan and donations to fight against COVID-19. In response to the particularly delicate situation in homes for the elderly, we have donated 500 high- protection hygiene masks, 500 gowns and 2,000 gloves to several homes for the elderly in the city of Valladolid.

These are the following: Residencia para Mayores de Parquesol, Residencia Asistida para la 3a Edad La Rubia, Las Angélicas, Asociación Casa de Beneficencia, and Centro Asistencial Doctor Villacián (Diputación de Valladolid).

It is common knowledge that such institutions and the people who live in them are bearing the brunt of the health crisis. Moved by this situation, we have taken action to get these protections in place.

Javier Meléndez, CEO of the company, wanted to deliver these materials personally, as a sign of his involvement and commitment to this situation, and declared “we maintain our commitment to the health crisis that we are experiencing and we do not cease in our efforts to find new ways to contribute to improving the situation. This donation of protective material for elderly people’s homes in Valladolid is in addition to those we have been making since the beginning of this period with the Food Bank, the Madrid City Council, the foodtruck installed at the Ifema Field Hospital, and the recent donation of 50 tonnes of potatoes to the Castilla y León Red Cross”.

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