unidad productiva Integral

Patatas Meléndez acquired the Integral Potato production unit, which was in insolvency proceedings.

An acquisition with which Patatas Meléndez demonstrates its commitment to social cohesion in the region of Medina del Campo. The 20 people who work at Integral Potato SL become part of the staff of Patatas Meléndez.

The purchase agreement, authorised by the insolvency judge, contemplates, in addition to the acquisition of the material assets of the insolvent company and the payment of a significant amount of money to reduce its liabilities, the maintenance of employment at Integral Potato SL, whose 20 workers automatically become part of our staff at Patatas Meléndez. The aforementioned operation authorised by the Commercial Court has also allowed the acquisition of the land and the warehouse where Integral Potato SL had been carrying out its activity, thus integrating the production unit of the bankrupt company within the structure of Patatas Meléndez with a criterion of maximum efficiency.

The sale of the production unit of Integral Potato SL in the terms indicated entails the culmination of the judicial process of liquidation of the company under very satisfactory conditions for the interests of the tender, and forms part of the strategy of growth and innovation that we have at Patatas Meléndez, in which we plan to make a significant investment in the new facilities acquired, in a clear commitment to the social cohesion of the region of Medina del Campo.

In the words of Javier Meléndez, our CEO, “With this acquisition, we add to our 24,000 m2 of facilities, 5,200 square metres more, which means an increase in production capacity of around 30% which, given the current situation, will allow us to intensify production to guarantee supply to all our customers. In addition, and thinking locally, it is very satisfying for us to maintain jobs in our region”.

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